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In this blog post, I will explain to you the connection between the menstrual cycle and the Moon. I will explain to you first the phases in the moon cycle and then the phases in the menstrual cycle. Then I will answer the most common question about it and give you the resources if you want to go deeper.

Before we move forward, let me introduce myself: my name is Ellis and I'm an emotional intelligence coach and psychic. I help heart centred women overcome their blocks, heal and take action towards their dreams.


First of all the Moon is the ruler of the Feminine Energy,  the emotions and the subconscious. Her power goes way beyond the movement of the tides.

For thousands and thousands of years, the Moon has been used as a clock.  She actually is a timekeeper as she teaches that there is a time for everything.

When she goes through each of the different phases she brings a different type of energy into the collective.

Did you ever feel that you did something at the wrong time? That happens when your actions are not aligned with the universal energy. The Universe goes in a certain direction, you go in the opposite and the result is that your actions will fall flat.

For example, if on a cosmic level it is the time for release and closure (Balsamic Moon Phase) and you are trying to start a new habit. I honestly doubt that you will be successful.

To understand the connection between the Menstrual cycle and the Moon, I will start by explaining the Lunar phases.


The Moon goes from New to Full and vice-versa. During this period which lasts around 28 days, she goes through eight phases, each one of the last 2/3 days.


The beginning of the cycle.  The Moon is completely dark. This is when we plant the seeds and set an intention. New moon rituals are places in which we express our desires and set the goals for the month ahead.


There is a little bit of light on the moon. This is the time to breathe and really connect with your desires. It is not a time for doing but for feeling what you want and getting ready for action.

These 2 phases can be grouped together and represent the Spring season.


This is go time! Take aligned action, go after what you want. However, work smart and efficient. Ask yourself which is the best thing to do that will give you a maximum result with a minimum effort? Be purpose and passion-driven, not pressure driven.


This phase could feel uncomfortable. As the energy is building up before the full Moon, but it is not Full YET. Therefore you need to stay on course and more important to keep trusting. Self-doubt might rise in this phase. Keep working and believing in your intentions and actions.

These 2 phases represent a big expansion and are the equivalent of the Summer season.


The energy is high, actually at his highest. Everyone thinks that something crazy will happen. No, it doesn’t. However, because the Moon is the ruler of the emotions and subconscious, emotions and feelings might rise to the surface. All you have to do is RELEASE and FORGIVE.

You can’t let go if you don’t forgive.

Spend time outside in nature and soak up that energy. Stay away from the noise of the city (which could get crazy during the Full Moon) and let the energy of the Moon cleanse you.


I love this phase. Now you can breathe and relax after the Full Moon. This is not a time for action. This is a phase of restoration. This phase is an autumn phase in which we harvest what was previously planted. Practice RECEIVE + GRATITUDE.

Let people do nice things for you, even a small gesture as buying coffee. Pick up your gratitude journal if you left it behind and feel it.

These two phases represent Autumn and then we have the Winter phase.


This is action time, but it is different from the first quarter. This is a time for giving after we have received in the previous phase. Give back to your community; help a friend, do a charity donation. If you are running a business, this is a great time to do for free work for your clients.


This is not the time to start something new. It is time for decluttering, from your house to your beliefs.

This is solo time in which you have to do the deep inner work. If you want to manifest something or begin something new, you need to create space first. This is what we are doing here, removing the old stuff and making space for the new. Also, dream big in this phase as we will have to plant the seed for the new moon soon. Go big with your imagination.


Now I will dive deeper into the menstrual cycle to understand the connection with the Moon.

During the menstrual cycle, we go through four phases. During these four phases our energy changes as well as the body. Once you are aware of these phases you can better understand how you are feeling and your internal world.

These four phases can be compared with the four season and the same phases that the Moon goes through.

In fact, everything is nature is cyclical, it is one of the law of the Universe.

Let’s begin!


Springtime! This is the phase after the period or pre-ovulation. The maiden is the virgin in the sense that she is complete in herself.

Her independence is her strength. She sees the potential in everything and feels that she can achieve everything. Use this energy to start new things.

The shadow is that she is not grounded, insecure and not commit to her goals.

Awareness is the first step for change. Therefore if you are going through this phase and you are struggling to complete your goals. As first thing ground yourself. Pick one or two things to follow through and be realistic about what you can actually do and achieve.


Summer and ovulation period. This is the moment of big expansion. The mother is the phase of creation, where ideas are brought into physical form. When we are ovulating we have to create. Women are creators as are the one who brings life.

The mother is loving and nurturing towards herself and others. The shadow is that you can be controlling, think about everyone else except yourself and don’t know when to stop. In other words, there could be a lack of self-love. Remember that the first person that you have to mother is yourself.


Autumn and pre-menstrual phase. She is uninhibited and wise because has gained knowledge and experience through the previous two phases and she isn’t afraid to show it. The Wise woman is also a Medicine Woman and healer as she is wise, intuitive and definitely aware of her worth. She is fierce and demands respect.

The shadow is that she can be ruthless, jealous and vindictive. Remember that your knowledge is to be used wisely and don't build up resentment.


Winter and Menstruation. She is the wisdom keeper the one who has the ultimate perspective and has nothing to prove. She is also close to Source and surrender to life. The Crone is preparing for death. Menstruation is a phase of big release for women, not only physically.

Really use this time to let go of what no longer serve you and fully surrender.


There are NO RULES! I honestly have been through all phases and you will too. As you change during life, your cycle will change too.

Miranda Gray in her book talks about two cycle type: White Moon, the one who is bleeding with the Full Moon and Red Moon, the one who is bleeding with the New Moon. The first has their energy directed outside and the second one has their energies directed inside.

I have been both cycle, at the moment I bleed with full Moon because it is a big time for release and let go.


It doesn’t matter when you bleed but you should still understand which phase you are and where is the moon.

Learn to understand yourself and your own energy. Start paying attention to your own cycle, learn more about yourself. You will notice a difference in how you feel during the four-week cycle and how your energy changes.

Use the strength of each archetype in your favour and be aware of each shadow. If you notice yourself engaging in each shadow behaviour, correct yourself.

Then check in with the Moon. Where is the Moon at the moment? What is the Universal energy calling me to do? If it is time for restoration and you are pushing yourself, you will feel tired and obtained half of the results that you are looking for.

Learn about the moon and collective energy. Work with the moon phases, plant your seed and follow through as I described above.

These are the resources that I love to go deeper into the topic of the connection between the menstrual cycle and the Moon.

If you want to learn more about the Moon I love these books (linked to Amazon):

If you want to learn more about the four archetypes:

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